Easy Ways to Prepare Your Car for Winter Before It’s Too Late

Prepare Your Car for Winter

November is upon us, and you know what that means: Snow is on the way. The following months are sure to bring snow and ice with them, making the roads more hazardous than any other time of year.


Here’s what you can do to prepare your car for winter, before the snow accumulates:


  • Start off by placing a quality shovel and ice scraper in your vehicle, which you will find repeatedly useful, especially in the mornings.
  • Consider adding a heavy blanket, a spare coat, and some extra gloves to your stock of winter car goods, in case you or your passengers get cold.
  • Decide whether or not you want to replace your all-season tires with winter tires, which are designed with different rubber and tread for ultimate traction.
  • If your vehicle has an all-wheel or rear-wheel drive mode, get out your owner’s manual to brush up on your knowledge of how to activate it.
  • Lastly, be sure to have a first-aid kit on hand, in case of emergencies, and whenever possible, avoid driving in snowy, dangerous conditions.


For more winter driving tips or to check out a vehicle that’s ready for winter weather, contact us or visit us anytime, here at Withnell Dodge.

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Where to Drive Your New Dodge in Salem, Oregon

Where to Drive Your New Dodge in Salem, Oregon

Oregon is one of the most scenic areas in the entire United States, and there’s really no better place to take your Dodge for a relaxing road trip. Here are some of the best drives that you can take in Salem.


Pacific Coast Scenic Byway

One of the most famous routes in the country, this road stretches all along the coast of Oregon, providing some of the most stunning views found in America.


Over the River and Through the Woods Scenic Byway

The name says it all here. This route takes you through some of Oregon’s most beautiful rivers, mountains, and forests.


Quartzville Road Back Country Byway

To get away from it all, simply follow Quartzville Road into the depths of the Green Peter Reservoir and the Quartzville Creek National Wild and Scenic River.


Silver Falls Tour Route

If waterfalls are more your thing, this one is perfect for you. Winding through gorgeous mountains and lush green fields, the Silver Falls Tour Route is an incredible experience.


West Cascades Scenic Byway

This alternative route between Portland and Eugene is filled with amazing views of forests, lakes, streams, and valleys. If you have a little bit of extra time for an alternative route, there is no better option than the West Cascades Scenic Byway.

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When Should You Buy A New Car?

When Should You Buy A New Car?

Buying a new car is one of the most exciting purchases that you can make, but it is also a serious investment that can affect your life for many years. That’s why it’s important to think all of your options through before making the purchase. Here’s how to decide when it’s the right time to buy a new car.



Is your car a gas guzzler? Are you thinking about buying a hybrid? If you calculate the amount of money that you spend on gas currently and compare it with how much you would save with a new car, it can tell you a lot about whether or not it’s time to buy a new car.


Cost to Repair

If you’re having trouble with your current car, determine how much it’s going to cost to fix everything. It may be worth it to just sell it for what you can and buy a new car that won’t require as much maintenance.



Some older cars really shouldn’t be on the road. Determine what kind of car you are going to purchase, and determine how much safer it is going to be than your current car.


Take all of these factors into consideration before purchasing your new car. It can be tempting to just go out and buy it, but do your homework first.

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Top Five Best Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

Top Five Best Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

Grabbing a bite to eat is the perfect way to end a day on the town. Portland, Oregon has a fine selection of restaurants and local eateries that are known far and wide for their service, atmosphere and cuisine. If you’re planning a trip to Portland, then it’s essential to stop for something to eat! Here are the top five best restaurants in Portland, Oregon, according to those of us here at Withnell Dodge.

  1. Veritable Quandary – Located in downtown Portland, Veritable Quandary serves American cuisine complete with gluten-free meals. Veritable Quandary features both an outdoor patio as well as a bar that make any visitor feel right at home with friendly service and incredible food.
  2. Andina Restaurant – Known among locals for serving out-of-the-ordinary dishes, the Andina Restaurant offers a unique dining experience. Boasting a menu filled with Peruvian, Latin, and Spanish dishes, there’s no better place to grab something exotic than the Andina Restaurant!
  3. Tin Shed Café – A classic American café, Tin Shed Café offers visitors a dining experience with a bit of a twist. This dog-friendly restaurant features a dog menu, so those dining in can eat with their canine companion.
  4. Tasty n Alder – Tasty n Alder is a perfect spot for families who want to grab an exquisite yet home-style bite to eat. Open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and to 11 p.m. on weekends, Tasty n Alder is the perfect place for those who want a taste of local cuisine.
  5. Screen Door – For the best Cajun and Creole dishes in Portland, look no further than the Screen Door. Featured in the Best Food in Portland, Screen Door’s reputation for incredible food, amazing service, and a friendly atmosphere speaks for itself.
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What is a Hellcat?

What is a Hellcat?

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat has seen incredible popularity with the production facilities struggling to meet demand. That’s led many drivers to ask the question, “What is a Hellcat?” Most cars have some sort of origin behind the name and the Hellcat is no exception. Here’s the story of how the Hellcat got its name, courtesy of those of us here at Withnell Dodge Ram.

With project names like Tigershark, Apache, and Alley Cat, it was clear the most powerful Dodge Challenger to date was bound to get a fierce name. When the design team voted, the two finalists were Alley Cat and Hellcat. In the end, Hellcat was the winner.

A Hellcat is a carrier-based fighter aircraft and World War II tank destroyer, giving this performance-driven model a fierce name to go along with its power.

So, why is the Dodge Challenger Hellcat so popular?

Well, the Challenger Hellcat features a sleek, recognizable style that drivers love while maintaining the modern technologies we’ve grown accustomed to. Even more appealing, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat packs a 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI SRT Hellcat V8 engine that pumps out a massive 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. With a 0-to-60 mph time of just 3.6 seconds with an automatic transmission, performance is the Hellcat’s middle name.

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Best Ram and Dodge Models for Families

dodge models for families

As the school year is starting back up again, you may be considering getting a new family hauler. If your current car just doesn’t have enough space, flexibility, or technology, check out these excellent Ram and Dodge models for families.

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan

In reality, no crossover, sedan, or SUV can match the minivan when it comes to ideal family transportation, especially if you have younger children still in car seats. The Dodge Grand Caravan is an excellent option in the minivan segment. It gives buyers a wide range of models and options to fit their budget and needs. You’ll love the versatile seating, cargo configurations, and easy sliding doors.

2016 Dodge Journey

With athletic styling, affordable pricing, and three rows of versatile seating, the Dodge Journey is an excellent choice for families. For true family versatility, opt for the available floor-mounted cubbies and built-in booster seats in the second row. And, if you like your car with a bit more performance, choose the V6 engine.

2016 Ram 1500

Modern truck cabs are often as spacious, high-tech, and comfortable as their car counterparts. That is why the 2016 Ram 1500 can be a good choice for families, especially in Crew Cab form. Not only will you get the space you need for passengers, but you’ll have the capabilities you need for tough jobs.

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Used Car Care Tips

used car care tips

We all know that buying a used car is a great financial decision. But, used cars do come with a little bit of risk—you don’t necessarily know the vehicle’s entire history. However, cars are more reliable than ever before, and even if you buy a car more than five years old, it should last you for many years to come. Here are a few used car care tips, to help you get there.

  • Change the oil. Follow the oil change schedule laid out in the owner’s manual. This simple step will ensure the engine stays lubricated and running smoothly.
  • Clean it. Built-up dirt and grime can slowly wear down a car’s interior and exterior. Clean it regularly, including washing the outside and vacuuming the interior. Also don’t forget to apply some wax to your paint to keep it protected.
  • Park in the shade. UV rays can be pretty harmful to some of the vehicle’s materials. Park your car in the shade as much as possible to avoid premature wear of your car’s interior features.
  • Check your fluids. Check all of your vehicle’s fluids on a regular basis and follow the owner’s manual for when it recommends getting them changed.

If you follow these simple steps, you will have a car that you can rely on year in and year out!

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How to Change Your Air Conditioning Coolant

How to Change Your Air Conditioning Coolant

The temperature during the summer can become pretty hot pretty quickly, especially if you are in an enclosed space like your car. That is why it is important to make sure that your air conditioning is functioning properly. Unfortunately, several problems can arise for your vehicle’s air conditioning system. One of the most common is running out of coolant. However, don’t lose your cool! Our service team has assembled step by step instructions on how to change your air conditioning coolant.

Step 1: Check to see if your air conditioning unit has any coolant left at all.

Step 2: Inspect the air conditioning unit for any leaks.

Step 3: Open the valve of your refrigerant can.

Step 4: Secure the tapping valve to the refrigerant can.

Step 5: Be sure to purge the charging hose of any debris. Be careful, as the coolant can harm the skin on contact.

Step 6: Turn on your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

Step 7: Carefully open the valve until you can hear the coolant passing through the hose system.

Step 8: Allow the coolant in the can to dispense.

Step 9: Close the valve and disconnect the hose from it.

Step 10: Turn on your air conditioning to make sure that the system is now functioning properly.

If you follow these instructions, then you will be back to staying cool during those long summer trips!

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New Car Care Tips

New Car Care Tips

So you’ve finally got around to purchasing that vehicle that you’ve had your eyes on. Congratulations! A new vehicle is certainly something to be proud of. However, that pride can soon start to crumble if you don’t take care of your new vehicle. Improper maintenance and care can quickly add up to a less than desirable vehicle. In order to keep the quality of your new car high, take heed of these new car care tips!

Wash Your Car

You are probably proud of the way that your car looks. You bought it after all! However, dust and dirt can soon make the exterior of your vehicle look less than lovely. Wash your vehicle on a weekly or monthly basis to help it maintain that new car gleam!

Change Your Vehicle’s Oil

We all know the adage about changing your vehicle’s oil every 3,000 miles. However, 3,000 miles can add up fast! Don’t wait until the last moment to change your vehicle’s oil. Doing so routinely will make sure that your vehicle runs a lot smoother.

Clean Your Car’s Interior

When you bought your new car, was it filled to the brim with lots of random items? Hopefully not! Therefore, if you want your car to look good as new, you will definitely want to clean out any clutter from the inside of its cabin.

By following these simple tips, your car will keep that new car feel for many years to come!

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5 July Events in Oregon

July Events Portland

Summer is the most exciting time of the year, and the most exciting month of summer is definitely July! Here in Oregon, there are several events happening in July that you will definitely want to be a part of. Be sure to check out these 5 July events in Oregon.

Portland Vintage Racing Festival (July 7-10)

We might be a little biased due to our love of cars, but one of our favorite Oregon summer events is the Portland Vintage Racing Festival. During the festival, dozens of classic sports cars will be put on display.

Race Across Oregon (July 15-17)

Race Across Oregon is a great way to get some exercise and see Oregon at the same time! This 500-mile bike race can be exhausting, but the experience is well worth it.

Jackson County Fair (July 20-24)

The 2016 Jackson County Fair is set to be the biggest in Jackson County’s history. This is thanks to some of the musical acts headlining the event, including Queensryche and Eddie Money.

Lane County Fair (July 20-24)

Happening at the same time as the Jackson County Fair, the 2016 Lane County Fair is full of fun activities for the entire family, making it hard to choose between the two!

Oregon Brewers Festival (July 27-31)

At the end of July, some of Oregon’s most successful independent brewers will gather together at the Oregon Brewers Festival. That means you have a chance to sample their custom-made beers!

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