Customized Dodge Viper Available Thanks to New Program

It’s every sports car fan’s dream—an incredible vehicle, with style and power to spare, now made fully customizable by its maker. That’s exactly what has happened here with the Dodge Viper. A new program will allow you to create your very own customized Dodge Viper, and there will be tons of options available to you as an individual owner.

With over 8,000 exterior colors options, 24,000 stripe colors, 10 wheel options, 16 interior trim designs, and six aero packages, the combinations are basically endless. Therefore, you’re practically assured that your custom Viper will be one-of-a-kind. With this new program, you’ll get a car that’s as powerful and individualized as possible.

“Because every Viper is hand crafted with such an extreme level of detail, we have the unique opportunity to make each one even more special by giving buyers the opportunity to customize each vehicle to their exact specifications,” says Tim Kuniskis, president and CEO-Dodge and SRT, FCA North America. To get your chance to customize a Viper for yourself, come visit us here at Withnell Dodge to learn more. You’ll even get a miniature version of your car, with applicable body paint color, so come see us today at Withnell Dodge!

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