Dodge’s 100th Anniversary Celebrated with Focus on the Viper

Dodge’s 100th Anniversary

2014 Dodge Viper

As the year slowly winds down, Dodge is preparing to celebrate its 100th year in production with a concentrated focus on one of its classics: the Dodge Viper.

Dodge began making automobiles in 1915, making this upcoming January Dodge’s 100th anniversary. The company has reportedly already celebrated last month with a huge party that featured Mötley Crüe, and with the festivities being completed, they’re ready to spotlight the Viper.

Dodge CEO and President Tim Kuniskis delivered the news of the Viper’s future at the Los Angeles Auto Show last month, saying, “We’re going to tell a story here shortly that I think has needed to be told for a long time about how this is the only handmade supercar in the industry.”

The Viper currently sells at $84,995, after an earlier price cut this year of $15,000, spiking sales and raising the demand for the car.

We at Withnell Dodge are huge fans of the Dodge Viper and are glad to hear about it getting the spotlight that it deserves. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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