Jay Leno Surprises Veteran on The Today Show

Those of us here at Withnell Dodge have a soft spot for veterans. So, a recent story involving the former talk-show host, and diehard auto enthusiast, Jay Leno and a veteran caught our attention.

The Today Show has an ongoing feature called “Shine a Light,” which features heartwarming stories about great, yet ordinary, people.  On this particular segment, Jay Leno bonded with war veteran Corporal Ethan Leberge over their “mutual love of cars.”

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Leberge served his country in the campaign in Afghanistan. There, he bravely endured a horrific attack by a suicide-bomber. According to Motor Authority, the attacked killed two Leberge’s comrades and Leberge himself “sustained shrapnel wounds to his left leg and arm, and suffered a traumatic brain injury.”

The two then take a spin in a 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, with Leberge at the helm. Leberge clearly enjoys the drive, and says as much. That’s when Jay Leno surprises the Veteran by handing him the keys. “It’s yours,” Leno says, “America loves you.”

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