Drive Your New Car to These Beautiful Destinations In Oregon

Travel Destinations in Oregon

So you have your new Dodge vehicle, but where do you go with it? These destinations in Oregon are scenic and beautiful, so start planning your weekend trip soon.

Little Crater Lake

Crater Lake and its smaller sibling, Little Crater Lake, are both world-famous for their depth and their crystal-blue waters. Though Little Crater Lake is 45 feet deep, visitors can easily see the bottom due to the water’s clarity.

Toketee Falls

Check out this 113-foot waterfall, right where the Umpqua River and Clearwater River meet. Most of Oregon’s countless waterfalls can’t compare to the sheer height of Toketee Falls.

Steens Mountain Wilderness

Immerse yourself in nature, as far away from human civilization as possible, in this seemingly endless 428,156-acre wilderness area. Don’t bother bringing your cell phone, since there’s no reception in this remote area.

Alvord Desert

During the daytime, ride ATVs over this dry lake bed that spans 12 miles by 7 miles. At night, camp out under the autumn sky, to enjoy the lack of light pollution that allows for excellent stargazing.

Painted Hills

Located in the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, the stunning Painted Hills are a natural marvel of colorful scenery. It makes the perfect backdrop for a photo op.

Jewell Meadows Wildlife Area

Glimpse many of Oregon’s native Roosevelt elks this winter in this 1,114-acre wildlife sanctuary. Located near Seaside, this site provides four different viewing areas for visitors.


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