Differences Between an Automatic and Manual Transmission

While manual and automatic transmissions are both available in modern vehicles, they are very different. From the driving experience to smaller details, both transmission types have their pros and cons. Check out the differences between an automatic and manual transmission, then come see us here at Withnell Dodge to test drive a new car!

Manual Transmission

A manual transmission, while it may seem outdated at first glance, has quite a few benefits to it. Cars with manual transmissions are less likely to be stolen due to the simple fact that many people can’t operate one. Opting for a vehicle with a manual transmission will also be cheaper than upgrading to an automatic. As any driver will tell you, the appeal of a manual transmission comes down to controlling the gear shifts and getting closer to the road.

One of the major drawbacks of a manual transmission is the learning curve. One mistake could lead to an accident or traffic ticket.

Automatic Transmission

Once considered a luxury, the automatic transmission nearly eliminated engine stalling and made cars more comfortable to drive, especially in heavy traffic. Automatic transmissions usually require less maintenance. New transmissions with more gears offer better efficiency as well.

On the downside, a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission costs more than a comparable vehicle with a manual transmission. While maintenance often depends on the brand, a bad transmission usually means an extensive, and potentially costly, repair.

Differences Between an Automatic and Manual Transmission

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