Benefits of Four-Wheel-Drive in Your Car

There are many benefits of four-wheel drive systems in your car including the extra control over your vehicle on the road, which can provide you with added peace of mind.

Awesome Traction

4WD, also called 4×4, began as a way for off-road vehicles to handle the obstacles and unpredictable terrain that came with driving off the beaten path, according to the experts at As a result, 4WD vehicles are well-equipped to handle tough surfaces and provide stronger grip.

Power Goes to All Wheels

In RWD or FWD, power is only transferred to two of the wheels, while the other two simply spin because of momentum. This can be rough if you get stuck in a ditch or snow bank where your front or rear wheels are lifted off the ground. 4WD, however, delivers torque to all four wheels.

Modern Innovations

4WD used to have some issues, like draining fuel economy or making fast turns difficult. However, most modern 4WD systems allow you to turn your 4WD on or off depending on the situation, as well as utilize technology that allows wheels to spin at different speeds for better handling.

Have more questions about the benefits of four-wheel-drive? Contact us at Withnell Dodge, and we will be happy to answer them.

benefits of four-wheel-drive

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