Safety Tips for Off-roading with Your Ram

2017 Ram 1500 - tips for off-roading with your ram

Summer is the ideal time to head off the beaten path. If you drive an off-road capable Ram truck, it is time to get in touch with your adventurous side. Here are a few safety tips when off-roading with your Ram.

Know your truck

Just because your truck is equipped with 4WD, that doesn’t mean you can go crawling over rocks or tackling deep, muddy trenches. Make sure your truck is properly equipped for the type of terrain you will encounter.

Drive slowly

You have likely seen commercials with trucks tearing across rugged terrain at a pretty fast clip. You will need to drive slower than that. Allow plenty of time to judge the terrain so you can react.

Keep your thumbs safe

Drive with your thumbs on the outside of the steering wheel. A sudden bump can jerk the steering wheel and if your thumbs are on the inside of the wheel, you could get injured.

Pack appropriately

Bring tools and supplies to get you through a few pitfalls, like a flat tire. Make sure your gear is secure so it doesn’t bounce around.

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