Summer Maintenance Tips For Your Car

summer maintenance tips - salem, OR

Whether you’re staying at home or going on a big road trip this summer, keeping up with servicing your vehicle is crucial to the health of your vehicle. Here’s some summer maintenance tips for what you should be paying attention to.


While the colder months can do a number on your tires due to hazardous weather conditions and low temperatures, summer’s heat can also affect them. Hot pavement pops tires easier and the warm weather can cause them to overheat, so keep an eye on your tires’ health.


The engine needs to keep cool in the summertime, so make sure there’s plenty of engine coolant and that other parts of the system, such as hoses, are in proper working order.


If the engine needs to keep cool, so do you. It’s a good time of year to have your HVAC system checked out (that’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) to prevent getting overheated and dehydrated on the open road.

Essential Fluids

Make sure all your fluids besides coolant are topped off, too. Oil, brake fluid, and even wiper fluid could all be in need of a routine change, a refill, or a checkup.


Summer may mean hot sun at the beach, but it also means big thunderstorms. Stay prepared for downpours by investing in a pair of brand-new windshield wipers.

If you need any extra help besides these summer maintenance tips, don’t hesitate to call us here at Withnell Dodge.

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