Dashboard Lights and Meanings

Dashboard light meaning

If you notice a light come on your dashboard while you’re driving, it’s important to know which ones mean something dangerous so you can react quickly. Here are some of the most urgent dashboard indicator lights.

One dashboard indicator light to look out for is the coolant temperature warning, which means that your engine is overheating. If you see this, pull over as soon as you can and immediately turn on the heat to full blast so you can let some of the heat out of the engine.

It isn’t as urgent, but if you see the check engine light come on, you should get to an auto parts store and ask them to diagnose it for you as soon as possible. The check engine light often means something minor, but it could be a serious engine problem, and if you wait to get it checked out, you might wish you hadn’t.

The oil pressure warning is another light to keep an eye out for. It means your oil pressure is low, which can be hard on your engine, so pull over when you can and check the oil pressure. If it’s dangerously low, you don’t want to drive on it.

These are just a few dashboard indicator lights you should know. Give us a call at Withnell Dodge today to find out more about dashboard lights.

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