Used vs. Certified Pre-Owned

Certified vs. Used

If you’ve ever wondered the difference between a used car and a car that’s certified pre-owned, you’re in luck! Just read our easy explanation on used cars vs. certified pre-owned cars. The easiest way to understand is to know that all certified cars are used, but not all used cars are certified.

Used cars are cars that have been owned or leased by another driver and now they’re being sold at a lower price. Used cars are a great choice for drivers on a budget because they open up more options to you than new cars, they’ve skipped the big depreciation period so you get more return on your investment, and they have lower associated costs like insurance.

Certified pre-owned cars are cars that meet certain criteria and go through an inspection so that they can be guaranteed to be like new. If a vehicle is certified pre-owned, it must have under a certain mileage and not be older than five model years. CPO cars are inspected by dealership technicians and have old or damaged parts replaced with new factory original parts.

Certified pre-owned cars are slightly more expensive than used cars but come with a lot of benefits like warranties and roadside assistance programs. If you have the money to spring for a CPO, check it out! Ask about our collection of used and certified pre-owned vehicles at Withnell Dodge today.

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