What to Do When You Have a Dead Car Battery

Dead Car BatteryUh-oh—you’ve got a dead car battery. Wondering what to do now? You have a lot of options whether you’re prepared with a charger or jumper cables or simply need to call for help.

Jump Your Battery: Jumping your battery will require enlisting the help of someone else – a neighbor, friend, co-worker, anyone with a car you can use to revive your own vehicle’s dead battery. Park the vehicle nose to nose and connect the jump cables to the battery terminals, and allow the rescue car to run for five or so minutes – however long it takes to get your car running again.

Use an AC Charger: You can find chargers at auto parts shops for around $40 or so, and they’re handy to keep around in case of emergency. You can use a charger to charge a dead or weak car battery in a pinch.

Call a Towing Shop or Roadside Services: If all else fails, a towing service might be able to help, but they’ll need to tow your vehicle back to the shop before they can do anything. If your vehicle’s manufacturer offers free roadside assistance, you might want to take advantage of that, too.

A dead car battery is more common in the winter because of the freezing cold temperatures, so make sure you keep these helpful tips in mind.

If you need to make a service appointment, schedule one here or call Withnell Dodge Service Department at (888) 716-2258.

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