How and When You Should Check Your Credit Score

Checking Credit

Your credit score is an important part of getting a car, whether you’re buying new, used, or leasing. But how can you access your credit score, and how often?

How often should I check my credit score?

It’s a good rule of thumb to check your credit once a year. However, if you’re out looking to purchase a car, you’ll want to check your credit score ahead of time. Or, if you’re looking to build up your credit, you’ll want to check it once a month so you can monitor the changes in your credit and link them to your purchases and payments.

How do I get my credit score?

There are many ways to get access to your credit score. Everyone can order a free credit report once per year on Annual Credit Report’s website. This gives you a full report on your score and all sources that contribute to your score.

Another way to get your credit is to use free websites, which give you access all year round. One website is Credit Karma, which gives you your credit score anytime you want it. It’s updated once a month, and can give you info on how to improve your credit.

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