Dodge Viper Named to Hagerty’s Hot List of Future Collectibles

Dodge Viper


Hagerty’s “Hot List” honors highly collectible vehicles that were chosen for their joy of driving and collectability for future enthusiasts. The Dodge Viper has been enthralling car enthusiasts for quite some time with its incredible performance, and this year the Dodge Viper was named a future collectible.

The Viper earned a spot on Hagerty’s Hot List for a reason. The Viper ACR holds more track records than any other production car in the world. And Viper’s “1 of 1” program gives customers a chance to configure their own one-of-a-kind supercar.

The Viper was the first high-performance vehicle of the Dodge brand, and hasn’t let it down since. With a 645-horsepower aluminum V-10 engine with a strong racing pedigree and limited production, it’s a truly unique and powerful racecar.

“The Viper checks all the boxes for a future collectible,” CEO of Hagerty, McKeel Hargerty, said. He reports that race-bred pedigree and raw power as well as its iconic styling made it a surefire choice for the Hagerty’s “Hot List.”

The Viper, the “ultimate street-legal race car” is sure to be a collectible in the future, with more track records than any production car in the world.

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