Teen Winter Driving Tips: Keeping New Drivers Safe

Teen Driver

Winter can be especially rough on cars and drivers alike, including teen drivers that are new to the roads. Many teenagers are newly licensed and have spent limited time on the roads when it is bad. That’s why we’ve put together some tips on teen winter driving to help them stay safe on the road.

According to Car Connection, the best thing you can do is simply avoid driving when possible. Although many teens may be eager to get out on the road, driving in hazardous conditions is especially dangerous for new drivers.

Clean off your car. In addition to scraping the windshield, you should always clean off the lights, hood, roof, and trunk, as well. This may take a little longer, but it will prevent snow from obscuring vision when you are driving.

Keep your car maintained. This includes keeping tires properly inflated. Air pressure decreases with cold temperatures, so it is likely your tires are a little flat. Add air to the recommended standard. Also, add antifreeze/coolant to ensure your cooling system doesn’t freeze, and make sure to have half a tank of gas at all times. If it gets cold enough, a near empty tank can freeze and ruin your car.

Finally, get a winter emergency kit. Include essentials like a blanket, flashlight, water, gloves, poncho, and tire changing kit. Consider buying a roadside emergency service as well.

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