1968 Dodge Dart Restoration Embraces the Classic Cruising Experience

The Dodge brothers are to credit for some of the most striking and classic car designs – some of which can still be seen on the road today. One particular Dodge creation has been restored as a family affair. When it comes to restoring classic cars, it’s more than a hobby for Sherm White’s family – it’s a culture. He has poured over 500 hours into the perfect restoration of his 1968 Dodge Dart classic.

Sherm White’s 1968 Dodge Dart restoration features “boxy, curvy, sharp lines” that White adores. With a fully automated top and a V8 GT engine, the pale yellow Dodge Dart is a convertible ready for the balmy California sun and the performance parts installed on this retro Dodge masterpiece. “I’m a MoPar guy” White says of his affinity for Chrysler Dodge aftermarket parts he’s installed on his 1968 Dodge. While not a muscle-car per-say, the Dart was built for a four-seat driving experience that logged miles as fast as it did smiles.

The Dodge driving tradition is alive and well with the current Dart, Challenger, and Charger available at Withnell Dodge – so stop by to say “Hi” today!

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