Dodge Hellcat Production Increased by 1,000

Dodge Hellcat Production

2015 Challenger and Charger Models

Dodge never gave us an exact count on how many Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcats they were going to build. It wasn’t too long ago that the influx of orders exceeded their supply and they shut down until they can catch up with demand. Now we have a number on how many more Hellcats they’ll produce after they complete the current orders.

If you haven’t placed an order for a Hellcat model yet and want to, you better have your four leafed clover, shamrock, and lucky underwear on. Dodge has announced they’re only going to make 1,000 more Hellcats. Engine production, the power behind the Hellcat name, is limited and with only 1,000 more 6.2L V8 engines, they won’t be around long.

There’s no word on how the engines will be split between the four-door Charger and two door Challenger. Capable of 707 horsepower, the engines are something special so it only makes sense they won’t be mass produced forever. With Dodge Hellcat Production officially limited, it’ll be a rare sight to see one of these monsters on roadways.

While you probably won’t get behind the wheel of a Hellcat, you may be interested in a 5.7L V8 Dodge Challenger R/T.

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