Medium-Duty Truck of the Year Is Ram 4500/5500

medium-duty truck of the year

For those who need a work truck, they want the best they can get. Recently, Work Truck magazine named the Ram 4500/5500 as its 2015 Medium-duty Truck of the Year. This is the second time in five years the Class 4 and 5 Ram Chassis Cab has earned this honor.

This award is chosen by the readers of Work Truck and Heavy Duty Trucking magazines. These readers include more than 100,000 drivers of medium-duty trucks. The readers are asked to choose which model would best fit their fleet requirements and consider quality, maintenance, lifecycle costs, and durability. The Ram 4500/5500 was chosen over 10 other medium-duty trucks.

“Fleet managers today are looking for medium-duty trucks that deliver and the Ram 4500/5500 meets that requirement hands down,” said Sherb Brown, publisher of Work Truck magazine, in a statement. “The truck is tough and functional, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s great to drive. Congratulations to Ram on this well-deserved award.”

The 2015 Ram Chassis Cab offers numerous best-in-class capabilities, including gross combined weight rating, towing, front Gross Axle Weight Rating, rear frame steel strength of 50,000 psi, and crew cab “curb to curb” turning diameter.

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