Frozen Windshield? Here Are Some Icy Car Tips

Icy Car Tips

It may be March, but it sure doesn’t feel like it outside. Winter weather creates some of the year’s harshest conditions for vehicles, starting from the moment you get in your car, when you realize you can’t see through the icy windshield.

Ice in particular creates huge hazards for drivers, so while it’s still freezing outside, take heed of these icy car tips:

  • Brush off as much snow and loose ice as you can, even on top of the vehicle, since it will likely fall once you being to accelerate and can obscure your view.
  • Give any stubborn ice a good poke or smack with your hand to possibly break it up – but don’t risk the strength of your windshield with a hammer or anything heavy
  • Start the car before you’re ready to leave, with the heater and defrosters on – but make sure that the exhaust pipe and radiator grill are clear.
  • Turn on the headlights; even that tiniest bit of extra warmth and energy will aid in warming the car and melting any ice on the headlights.
  • Use winter-weather wiper fluid to help melt ice, but don’t use actual boiling water, which can crack windows.

With these easy tips, you should be ready to hit the road safely in no time.

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