Some of the Best Pacific Northwest Scenic Drives

Pacific Northwest scenic drives

The Pacific Northwest not only offers what is arguably the most beautiful scenery in the country, the region is also impressive in terms of its diversity of scenes. The road trip is the synonymous with everything that is essentially American. The Pacific Northwest offers some of the best trips in the country. That’s why we’ve compiled a few of our favorite Pacific Northwest scenic drives.

The Oregon coast affords many incredible views of both the Pacific Ocean and coastline but also forested areas. Follow US Highway 101 from Astoria to Brookings. You’ll go through quaint and quirky towns, with each offering its own unique idea of Pacific Northwest culture.

In Eastern Washington there is a drive that goes through what’s called Palouse Country. It starts near the Idaho border, in a town called Clarkston, and travels to Opportunity in the Spokane Valley. Palouse Country is also about beautiful rolling contoured hills. You’ll see a lot of silos, as this is a very agricultural area.

Why not travel along the first highway to be designated a National Scenic Highway? It’s the North Cascades Highway. This drive will take you along an old growth forest, eagle nestings, many lakes (Ross, Gorge, Diablo) as well as breathtaking views of mountain peaks and waterfalls.

Drive along any road in the Pacific Northwest in your Dodge or RAM vehicle and if you aren’t currently somewhere beautiful and worth admiration, you won’t have to drive long to get there!

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