New Dodge Journey Gets Crossroad Edition for 2015

New Dodge Journey

2015 Dodge Journey

Everyone seems to forget about the Dodge Journey, and here at Withnell Dodge, we can assure you that’s a mistake. The Journey, Dodge’s alternative to both the SUV and minivan segments, seemed to straddle an awkward line when it first premiered in 2008. A new generation of the wagon, including a new Crossroad edition, makes things much better for 2015.

The Journey is powered by either a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine or a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6, both of which deliver above average performance and fuel economy. And, with the Crossroad edition, you can add style elements like chrome roof rails, black tail lamps, a black-grille, and more. Plus, you’ll get all-wheel-drive capability and other features that push performance even higher.

The Dodge Journey occupies a niche in the full-size car market, a niche people might not have even known was there. But if you don’t like the limited options of either the minivan or SUV segments, just come see us here at Withnell Dodge and we’ll give you the best of both worlds in the new Dodge Journey. Whether it’s equipped with the Crossroad package or not, it’ll still be a great vehicle for you and your family!

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